Mission: Explore a Biodiversity Hotspot with Imaging Spectroscopy

Status: Intermediate - Advanced

Results: Pending

(For all information regarding the challenge, please visit the Space Apps page here.)

On October 7-8, 2023, the largest annual space & science hackathon in the world took place! The following paragraph summarizes the scope of the "Explore a Biodiversity Hotspot with Imaging Spectroscopy" challenge:

BioSCape’s primary objective is to understand the structure, function, and composition of the ecosystems in South Africa's Cape Floristic Region. It aims to learn how and why they are changing in time and space, on land and in water. While our science team tackles this objective in the field, your challenge is to use publicly available imaging spectroscopy to characterize and communicate the biodiversity in this region and help the science team address one or more of the BioSCape research themes:

1) The distribution and abundance of biodiversity,

2) The role of biodiversity in ecosystem functions, and

3) The feedbacks between global change, biodiversity change, and ecosystem services.

Four SA locations participated in this year's Space Apps challenge. Select the name for a redirect to the corresponding site.

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