BioSCape Data

All BioSCape Data is Open Access

The BioSCape airborne and field data will be available for anyone to access and download (for free). 

NOTE: There is not yet any BioSCape data available to download! It will be available later in 2024.

Check out data from previous NASA airborne projects

This will help you get an idea of the kinds of airborne data products you can expect from BioSCape.  

     AVIRIS-NG data from other projects

PRISM data from other projects

HyTES data from other projects

LVIS data from other projects

Start working with EMIT and ECOSTRESS

Download data from NASA's EMIT or ECOSTRESS sensor over the BioSCape study region

EMIT and ECOSTRESS are imaging spectrometers aboard the International Space Station that collects data similar to the BioSCape imaging spectrometers. Learn more at the EMIT or ECOSTRESS webpages

Training resources on how to use these data are available- for example you can learn how to Apply ECOSTRESS and EMIT to Ecological Problems or access the EMIT Workshop Website (both include python notebooks!)

Check out BioSCape airborne data coverage

The BioSCape data portal currently holds all quicklooks from the project - this shows you where data was collected. Toggle layers on and off in the left hand panel to view acquisitions from different sensors, and zoom in and out to see if your region of interest was flown. 

Learn more about the ORNL DAAC - where BioSCape data will be archived

The BioSCape Data Archive 

The BioSCape data repository at NASA's ORNL DAAC will store all field and airborne data from BioSCape. Note - data is not yet available here. 

Access Other South African Biodiversity Data 

The South African national biodiversity Institute (SANBI) has an excellent GIS database with interactive mapping, biodiversity data, training, and legislation.

BioSCape data was collected under the appropriate permits and permissions from governmental and other agencies.