BioSCape Team

Around 80 scientists gather by the steps of a Hotel. In the back are low, white buildings with wood accents.

Participants of the BioSCape Applications Workshop in May 2023

Science Team Network

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Science Team Leaders

A man in a business suit smiles. He has short, wavy hair and werars a red checkered shirt beneath his black vest.

Adam M. Wilson

co-PI & Terrestrial Science LeadUniversity at Buffalo
A woman with straight blonde hair smiles with pearly teeth.

Erin Hestir

co-PI & Marine Science LeadUC Merced
A man in a blue shirt smiles.

Jasper Slingsby

co-I & South African Lead University of Cape Town
A woman with brown, shoulder-length hair smiles in front of a garden.

Anabelle Cardoso

Science Team ManagerUniversity at BuffaloUniversity of Cape Town
A woman smiles in front of a tree. She wears a floral shirt.

Cherie Forbes

Applications CoordinatorUniversity at BuffaloUniversity of Cape Town

Communications Interns

Stephan Bellamy

Vanderbilt University

Teresa Purello

University of Glasgow 

Funded by

Logos representing NASA (a blue circle with a red swoosh, white specks in the back to resemble stars), NASA Biological Diversity & Ecological Conservation (a stick figure mountain, plant, and fish in a teal circle), the South African National Space Agency (a near-circular figure that fades light blue to dark from the top), South Africa's Department of Science and Innovation (two stick figures high-fiving in an emblem with a crowned bird on top), and the National Research Foundation (a stick person holding a wavy, blue-striped flag) / South African Environmental Observation Network

Institutional Partners